• Suspension Yoga

    Suspension Yoga is a relatively new technique. The Yoga Hammock is a structural support system consisting of a specialised silky fabric connected from two overhead points that is kilonewton rated for safety and acts a little like a swing It provides a gentle, moderate or strong way to exercise, strengthen tone and stretch without overstressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae. It is an excellent form of movement, comfortable inversions and mobilisation, particularly for those suffering with back pain or spinal compression affecting nerve roots. In fact many of my students join suspension class especially for this reason. The hammock has many hidden uses and its benefits are so effective I often include a hammock traction / stretch or mobilisation technique as part of remedial treatment, if this is what is necessary to get clients back to being pain free.

    Suspension hatha class not only is amazing for anti-aging, circulation and joints but it revitalizes your body. It includes variations of forward and back bends, hanging and relaxing in suspended postures. You make is as gentle or as strong as you desire. Stronger practice may include ab crunches, thigh crunches, supported handstands and more. A restorative practice may be a gentle rocking or swaying as you close your eyes, be wrapped in your own little cocoon, listen to us play crystal and brass sound bowls and bells while you meditate or drift off to your own quiet space.

    Listed below are some of the more obvious contraindications that one should be mindful of:  

    • Pregnancy
    • Glaucoma or eye retina disorders
    • Recent stroke, head injury, surgery (esp. shoulder, eyes, back, hips, hand, wrist)
    • Very high or very low blood pressure
    • Easy onset Vertigo
    • Severe Osteoporosis/bone weakness
    • Fainting or easy onset vertigo
    • Sinusitis
    • Obesity (adipose tissue can be painful and restrictive)
  • Yin Yoga

    A wonderfully gentle class – suitable for beginners, those recovering from injury, child birth or people that are just looking for some peaceful time out in order to balance mind, body & soul.  During an hour class we practice stretching with straps or other aids, then move on to learn & practise Pranayama (breathing techniques) to assist in bringing your mind into a focused state to prepare for Meditation.  During the Relaxation we may either prepare the body for relaxations, visualisation or practise methods to still & empty the mind for a full meditation.

  • Hatha Yoga

    A great class to learn the basic postures, relaxation techniques & become familiar with the principles of Yoga.  Hatha literally means sun & moon (indicating balance).  When people refer to "Yoga" it is actually Hatha Yoga they speak of. This particular system of Yoga is the most popular one from which many other styles of Yoga & Pilates originated from.  Hatha is mostly a good balance of slow-paced stretching combined with a few challenging postures, balancing & some simple breathing exercises, finishing nicely with relaxation or meditation. Hatha was introduced in the 15th century by Yogi Swatmarama & can only be described as an intelligent approach to your longevity, well being & a balanced lifestyle.  It really works.

  • Power Yoga

    A powerful class for Yogis who are looking for endurance within their postures/asanas, appealing to those who are already in good physical shape, enjoy a little work out & prefer a minimal amount of chanting & meditation with their yoga. This fitness approach to Yoga is again derived from the ancient system of Hatha & its offspring Ashtanga Yoga, however unlike Ashtanga Yoga, power yoga does not follow a set series of poses, the class is different each time.  During an hour class we practise & hold strong postures & balances, sometimes taking you a little further into holds, locks & stretches that challenge your bodies a little more than the basic level reached in a general Yoga class.  A power Yoga class has the ability to bring on a sweat, increase the heart rate & definitely keep you strong, improving tone & balance.

  • Beginner Yoga

    The beginner Yoga classes are for those with no Yoga experience or recuperating from an injury.  Students are gently guided through various beginner level Yoga postures, informed of the health benefits of each posture & adjusted if need be.  Props, aids & items of comfort are provided so that your individual needs are met. During the hour class you will be introduced to the many health benefits of Yoga, Pranayama/breathing, relaxation & meditation, so that you gain an understanding & practical skills to help enhance your general health & wellbeing, reduce stress & leave you with a sense of balance & centeredness. Attending these classes also help you become flexible, develop core strength, improve coordination, de-stress your life & give you the ability stay in shape, physically & on a soul level.  Yoga in general renews, invigorates & heals the body – stretching & toning muscles, joints & spine & directing oxygenated blood to the internal organs, glands & nerves.  A complete approach to well-being.

  • Infrared Yoga

    A revolutionary holistic approach to your Yoga class, we practise an ancient form of exercise under the a specific ray of sun light that has also been around for centuries!  One of the suns rays is the Far/Fir Infrared light that is able to penetrate up to 2-3 inches deep into muscular tissue & ligaments, through clothing / towels e.t.c.   These light rays are not ultraviolet rays that can cause damage such as sunburn or cancer, rather a specific wavelength of invisible light rays that possess healing & other beneficial properties such as a few mentioned here: